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Other Industrial Processes

In addition to the product portfolio for Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Oil & Gas and Marine, Clyde Bergemann products are also suitable for other industries and processes, such as the Mineral Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical Production Industry, Thermal Processing and sub-processes in various applications.

Clyde Bergemann offers state-of-the-art products for cleaning different areas of other industrial processes, where fouling deposits can be problematic, as the image shows.

For furnace cleaning with water as the cleaning medium, please refer to our products SMART Cannon, SMART Shower-Clean-System and F149. For furnace cleaning with steam or air, the VS-H is the most suitable solution. 

For superheater/reheater or economiser cleaning, please refer to the following products:

The Retractable PS-H Sootblower is commonly utilised for travels up to 10 metres and flue gas temperatures up to 1400 °C. 

Other Industrial Processes

For excessive blockages in heat exchangers, the SMART Helix Water is a powerful Retractable Sootblower that is a fully automatic cleaning system, using water as the cleaning medium. 

Specific and severe fouling challenges can be solved by the SMART RSG, which uses steam as the cleaning medium.

Both products are extremely flexible on-load cleaning systems, equipped with a unique dual motor design for independent and variable traversing and rotational speeds. 

The Part-Retractable Sootblower is used in areas up to 650 °C flue gas temperature. The PS-HB Sootblower is used for travel up to 6 metres.

The Oscillating Sootblower is designed for the selected cleaning of specific boiler segments with heavy fouling and is available in Retractable PS-P as well as Part Retractable PS-PB executions to clean travel distances up to 6 metres.

The DB Rotating Element Sootblower is designed to clean heating surfaces as well as heat exchangers with light fouling and flue gas temperatures < 500 °C. 

The Rake Sootblower is designed for the cleaning of economisers at flue gas temperatures up to 450 °C. The PS-AR Sootblower is used for travel up to 5.5 metres, and the RSG-AR for travel up to 8 metres. 

The Clyde Bergemann Rapping System is a solution which is applied to remove deposits from surfaces without any additional cleaning medium. Suspended heat exchanger surfaces are frequently vibrated by high-performance pneumatic cylinders, which results in deposit removal.

To help you select the best solution for your plant conditions, please contact our customer support via here.

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Wall Blowers: SMART Cannon, F149, VS-H

SMART Shower-Clean System (SCS): SMART SCS

Retractable Sootblowers: PS-H, SMART Helix Water, SMART RSG 

Part-Retractable Sootblower: PS-HB

Oscillating Sootblowers: PS-P, PS-PB

Rotating Element Sootblower: DB

Rake Sootblowers: PS-AR, RSG-AR

SMART Rapping System: SMART Rapping System

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