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The furnace is responsible for about 50 % of the total heat transfer of a boiler. However, the high temperatures and variations in fuel types may often lead to heavy deposits (slagging) on the furnace walls.

This may lead to reduction in overall steam generator efficiency, clinker formations that may fall down after reaching a significant size (causing damage to the hopper area of the furnace) and corrosion on the heat transfer surfaces.

Furnace in boiler
SMART Cannon

Clyde Bergemann offers state-of-the-art products for furnace cleaning and the right solution for each of these situations.

The SMART Cannon represents the most advanced furnace cleaning technology available. Due to its specially developed control technology and precise positioning linear drive, the water jet creates a meander shaped pattern on the side and opposite wall, thereby ensuring timely and targeted cleaning.

The conventional and well-known technology for cleaning the membrane wall heating surfaces are VS-H Wall Blowers, which remove slagging with the cleaning medium steam, or the F149 Wall Blower, which uses water as the cleaning medium to remove heavy slagging/fouling.

Wall Blowers using water as the cleaning medium to remove heavy slagging/fouling

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Wall Blowers: SMART CannonVS-HF149

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