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Our Products & Solutions

Our products and solutions

We offer a wide range of key products and solutions to customers using energy related conversion and production processes.

We work constantly to innovate our products and services to provide our power supply and related industries customers with the state-of-the-art technologies to enable the global energy industry to meet its growing demands for clean energy and adhere to ever-evolving stringent regulations.

Our expertise lies in three main areas;

  • Boiler Efficiency products including on-load boiler cleaning systems, controls and diagnostics and SMART Clean
  • Materials handling systems for bottom ash
  • Sustainable energy recovery heat exchange systems

 As a pioneer in the industry, we play a vital role in shaping cleaning technology. As such, we were one of the first in the market to successfully apply water for furnace cleaning. Likewise, we were quick to spot the advantages of demand-driven boiler cleaning which is performed according to the actual deposit situation and not following a fixed cleaning scheme.

130+ countries supplied with our equipment 500,000+ cleaning devices sold in the last 25 years 5000+ plants across a range of industries worldwide

Spare parts & service

Our services, knowledge and experience are utilised to provide optimal support and are tailored specifically to individual customer requirements. From spare parts to surveys, maintenance and training – we cover your needs.

Sustainability at our Core – We Reduce CO2

We take great responsibility for our role in the long-term security of the global energy supply and aim to pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

We’ve saved


of CO2 this year

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