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The constant availability of municipal solid waste, agriculture and wood wastes and the increasing demand for renewable energy allows the Biomass Power industry to continue to grow and become even more prevalent across the globe. 

We take great pride in supporting the Biomass industry in the role it plays in contributing to the long-term security of the global energy supply. Our technology provides support to Biomass plants and helps to deliver optimised, efficient and low-emission conversion and production processes. Significant slagging can form in the furnace and severe fouling can build up on the convective heating surfaces of waste and biomass boilers. These deposits reduce heat transfer and also favour corrosion resulting in limited plant availability and reduced efficiency. Clyde Bergemann boiler cleaning systems cover all the significant zones in the boiler. Our products range from on-load boiler cleaning, materials handling systems for dry bottom ash to sustainable energy recovery.

Your benefits

  • Effective and efficient boiler cleaning
  • Improved boiler availability
  • Increased boiler efficiency
  • Controllable deposit build-up regardless of varying fuel quality
  • Professional consultancy for all aspects of boiler cleaning
  • Comprehensive service: from the planning and execution of the project, through commissioning, to services provided over the full-service life of the boiler cleaning equipment

Case Studies

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