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Enabling Flawless Operation for SHI, at Thailand’s S1 Biomass Plant
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Sumitomo SHI FW Service Thailand LTD. (SHI) have been providing clean energy solutions across Asia for over 30 years, ensuring they always select the best suppliers. SHI’s CFB and BFB boilers have been widely used for decades in Asia for converting coal, petroleum coke, biomass and waste into valuable steam and power for municipalities, industrial facilities and wholesale grid power.

In April 2020, Clyde Bergemann received the contract to supply SHI’s on-load boiler cleaning equipment to SMG Energy’s S1 biomass plant. The S1 biomass plant is a 100 MW project in Gunsan; and, following its full commissioning in 2021, will use approximately 400kt/y of wood pellets.

With technologies that include long, part-retractable and rake sootblowers, Clyde Bergemann supports the flawless and efficient operation of the plant, helping, particularly, to alleviate unplanned shutdowns. Since order placement, SHI have requested support for additional areas, testament to Clyde Bergemann’s high-quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Plant: SMG Biomass Power Plant
Customer: SUMITOMO SHI FW Service Thailand LTD

Technical data

Fuel: Biomass
Boiler Design: Circulating fluidized-bed (CFB) steam generator
Boiler Type: Biomass incinerator
Output: 240 MW

Scope of Supply

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