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Part-Retractable Sootblower PS-HB
Part-Retractable Sootblower (PS-HB)

Operating Principle

  • The blowing tube is equipped with high-performance nozzles over the whole length and is supported in the flue-gas path
  • During the blowing process, the blowing tube continues to move helically into the flue-gas path
  • On reaching the prescribed travel, the direction of movement changes and the blowing tube returns to its rest position
  • The blowing tube remains partly in the flue-gas path

Technical Summary

Clyde Bergemann’s Part-Retractable Sootblowers are the solution for an efficient cleaning of heating surfaces in various applications, with heavy fouling and flue-gas temperatures < 800 °C (upper limit may vary based on type of application).

This type of sootblower is a cost-effective solution especially for medium sized boilers. This economic and easy to maintain sootblower is constructed for dependable operation, indoors and outdoors in all climates. It’s compact design is highly compatible with the space restrictions often found on industrial boiler installations. For this vast range of applications, Clyde Bergemann offers several part-retractable sootblower versions with different travel ranges to meet specific cleaning requirements. Also suited for hazardous area conditions.

  • Cleaning Medium: Steam, Air
  • General Application Areas: Superheater, Reheater, Economiser, Gas-Gas Heater
  • Travel Range: 0.3 m – 6 m
  • Cleaning Arc: 360 °
  • Key Industries: Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Oil & Gas, Other Industrial Processes 

Key Features

  • Poppet valve with adjustable throttle disc for easy setting of the blowing pressure
  • Stainless-steel feed tube, polished to minimise leakage at stuffing box connection with lance tube assembly
  • Temperature and corrosion-resistant blowing element with high performance nozzles
  • Compact single-rack track beam with standard top covering
  • Integrated gear motor for simultaneous axial and rotating movement
  • Integrated multi-blowing pattern for uniform and complete cleaning with minimum erosion impact to the heating surfaces (optional)
  • Travel monitoring by two limit switches
  • Wall box with sealing elements corresponding to boiler pressure mode
  • Sealing and scavenging air piping with dedicated fan (optional)
  • Add-ons: SMART Set for external adjustment of throttle disc / Self-adjusting stuffing box packing

Product Benefits

  • Increased plant availability due to reliable boiler cleaning, resulting in efficient plant operation
  • Prevents fouling in convection areas of the boiler
  • Increased boiler efficiency through improved heat transfer
  • Reduced gas exit temperatures
  • Compact design with minimal footprint to fit into available space
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Intelligent, flexible operation, in conjunction with SMART Convection (optional)


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