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The Marine industry continues to be a major contributor to global economic growth and development. In recent years, focus has been placed on the Maritime industry’s contribution to Marine pollution and the challenge lies with finding ways to improve sustainability in our oceans.

We understand the changes that the industry faces as the focus shifts to limiting marine pollution and ultimately maintaining a sustainable ocean resource for future generations. Clyde Bergemann are experts in the field of on-load cleaning of heat exchange surfaces and for nearly 100 years, we have been installing sootblowers onto marine vessels such as cruise liners, cargo ships, LNG carriers and naval ships. We offer a range of equipment designed to reduce the level of fouling created by contaminants entrained in the flue gases. On a marine vessel, by-products from the combustion of residual fuel oils cause soot deposits on the heating surface of waste heat recovery and auxiliary boilers. This in turn reduces heat transfer and subsequently reduces boiler efficiency. Our innovative products and solutions help to deliver optimised, efficient and low-emission conversion and production processes, from our on-load boiler cleaning to sustainable energy recovery systems.

Your benefits

  • Reduce the level of fouling created by contaminants entrained in the flue gases
  • Increase boiler efficiency
  • Maintain balanced heat transfer, as close as possible to design parameters
  • Cleaning boiler tubes using sootblowers means burning less fuel, thereby minimising environmental impact.
  • Clyde Bergemann designs optimise cleaning effect and minimise consumption of steam
  • Reliable and easy to maintain technology
  • Comprehensive service: from the planning and execution of the installation, through commissioning to services provided over the full-service life of the boiler cleaning equipment

Case Studies

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