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Boiler Efficiency

For around 100 years, we have focused our business on the development and manufacturing of efficient solutions for on-load cleaning of heating and reaction surfaces, guaranteeing extended operating periods, improved boiler efficiency and safer operations, whilst reducing emissions. Our boiler efficiency products are used within the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Marine, Biomass and Waste-to-Energy industries as well as Other Industrial Processes.

Our Boiler Efficiency products are split into three main categories; on-load boiler cleaning equipment, controls & diagnostics and SMART Clean.


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Controls & Diagnostics

We design and deliver complete solutions to ensure on-load boiler cleaning is tailored to the situation of each individual plant and customer. Our on-load boiler cleaning products can be integrated with our digital boiler controls & diagnostic technology to apply advanced intelligent cleaning to your plant. Our products and solutions can target deposited areas, by managing when, where and how regularly to clean. 

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As a pioneer in the industry, we play a vital role in shaping cleaning technology. As such we were the first in the market to successfully apply water for furnace cleaning. Likewise, we were quick to identify the advantages of demand-driven boiler cleaning, which is performed according to the actual deposit situation and not following a fixed cleaning scheme. A whole new philosophy has evolved out of the advantages of demand-driven boiler cleaning. We call this “SMART Clean”.

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Spare parts & service

Our services, knowledge and experience are utilised to provide optimal support and are tailored specifically to individual customer requirements. From spare parts to surveys, maintenance and training – we cover your needs.

Spare Parts

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Benefits of using our products

  • Controlled deposit build-up
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Increased plant availability and safety
  • Flexible operation for changing fuel mixture and varying fuel quality
  • Improved boiler efficiency
  • Steam savings
  • Increased energy recovery effectiveness
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