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Oil & Gas


The Oil & Gas industry is at a point of major transition. With advancements in technology, changing regulations and the global focus on climate change with the goal of producing net zero emissions by 2050, the challenge is on the Oil & Gas industry to adapt.

Maximising fired heater energy efficiency is a key consideration for designers and operators of oil refineries. The heat transfer surfaces of fired heaters (also known as process heaters or furnaces), HSRG, CO and Utility boilers must be kept clean with minimum operating costs to help increase crude oil throughput and process availability, whilst conforming to the rigorous hazardous area requirements demanded. Clyde Bergemann sootblowers are designed to meet this challenge. With almost 100 years’ experience in boiler efficiency improvement and over 50 years experience of on-load cleaning in the Oil & Gas sector, our vast knowledge and expertise is key to our success in this market. Our proven technologies for on-load cleaning are installed in oil refineries and petrochemical plants across the world. As the demand for crude oil derived products increases, the need for more maximised throughput and increased capacity, with reduced CO2 emissions is clear. Our innovative products and solutions help to deliver optimised, efficient and low-emission conversion and production processes, from our on-load boiler cleaning to sustainable energy recovery systems.

Your benefits

  • Sootblowing maintains balanced heat transfer, as close as possible to design parameters
  • Clyde Bergemann designs optimise cleaning effect and minimise consumption of steam
  • Reliable and easy to maintain technology
  •  Improved environmental impact with less fuel burned (reduced SOx and NOx and other pollutants)
  • Comprehensive service: from the planning and execution of the installation, through commissioning, to services provided over the full-service life of the boiler cleaning equipment

Case Studies

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