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Clyde Bergemann On-Load Boiler Cleaning Solution Increases Production at Greek Refinery
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Clyde Bergemann carried out a number of support visits to investigate and then recommend key operational efficiency improvements to the cleaning process for the fired heater in a Greek refinery.

Clyde Bergemann advised what could be achieved by the replacement and recommissioning of the convection section cleaning system, as well as recommended changes to the design and layout of the related pipework, and consequently site appointed Clyde Bergemann.

As a result of the Clyde Bergemann on-load cleaning solution commissioned in 2019, site was immediately able to achieve increased production and reduction of convection temperature, indicating better heat transfer and accordingly higher heater efficiency. Other savings will come from reduced maintenance, reduced downtime and improved process consistency. All contributing towards a satisfactory financial payback for the project.

Key feedback from the site confirmed the success of the heat cleaning system which has resulted in:

  • Beneficial project payback, justifying investment
  • Optimisation of the heat transfer process
  • Considerable improvement in cleaning system control and optimisation
  • Reduction of maintenance costs – no manual cleaning required during plant turnaround



Plant: Hellenic Petroleum S.A Refinery, Greece
Customer: Hellenic Petroleum S.A.

Technical data

Fuel: Oil
Boiler Design: n/a
Boiler Type: Fired Heater
Output: Refining capacity 145,000 bpd

Scope of Supply

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