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Clyde Bergemann Successfully Delivers Largest Order for Waste Heat Recovery Units for an FPSO
FPSO Confidentail

In May 2020, Clyde Bergemann received its largest order for a Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) for an FPSO in the history of its operations.  For the Americas based FPSO, Clyde Bergemann was requested to design a WHRU that would recover 25 MW of thermal energy for each WHRU, to be fitted to either a Gas Turbine or Gas Compressor exhaust. The project included six identical Waste Heat Recovery Units, comprising Heat Recovery Bundles: diverter damper, silencers, bypass ducting and exhaust stacks.

The biggest challenge was to deliver the large highly complex project all during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clyde Bergemann’s project delivery team set up remote monitoring facilities in both Sydney and Shanghai, China and managed all the key inspection points in this manner. Clyde Bergemann ‘s office in Sydney engineered and project managed the order, whilst managing fabrication via remote means in China.

This included co-ordination with the relevant vessel inspection agencies appointed to the project, customer inspection and 3rd party inspection processes.

Clyde Bergemann’s achievement by delivering this project 13 months later in June 2021, on time and on budget was nothing short of remarkable.


Plant: Confidential FPSO
Customer: Confidential

Technical data

Fuel: Natural Gas
Boiler Design: N/A
Boiler Type: Waste Heat Recovery Unit
Output: 25 MW Thermal

Scope of Supply

6 Waste Heat Recovery Units:

  • 708 Metric Tonne of Steelwork
  • Heat Recovery Bundles
  • Inlet and Outlet Exhaust Gas Ducts (Height totalling 35m in height above        FPSO deck)
  • Exhaust Gas Silencers
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