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Wall Blower F149
Wall Blower (F149)

Operating Principle

  • The lance tube with two opposite nozzles is helically moved into the boiler
  • The blowing process begins as soon as the nozzle head has passed through the tube wall
  • During the blowing process, the lance tube continues to move helically into the boiler
  • During this process, the tube wall is cleaned in circular form
  • Special control through an additional solenoid valve also enables cleaning of specific segments
  • On reaching the prescribed travel, the direction of movement changes and the lance tube returns to its rest position

Technical Summary

The F149 wall blower is a sootblower suitable for cleaning of membrane wall heating surfaces in the furnace area and flue-gas recirculation ducts, which see heavy slagging and high flue-gas temperatures. The blower travels helically into the boiler to the prescribed travel, cleaning with water as a blowing medium.

  • Cleaning Medium: Water
  • General Application Areas: Furnace, flue-gas recirculation ducts
  • Travel Range: 1.185 m
  • Cleaning Arc: 30 ° – 360 °
  • Key Industries: Power Generation, Other Industrial Processes


Key Features

  • Stainless-steel water supply assembly with a solenoid operated valve
  • Stainless-steel feed tube
  • Stainless-steel drive spindle and lance tube with high performing nozzles
  • Compact and stable casing constructed from standard sections
  • Gear motor with an integral mechanism to initiate a variable speed drive to optimally and uniformly clean the furnace wall
  • In-built air sealed wall-box with sealing elements corresponding to boiler pressure mode

Product Benefits

  • Increased plant availability due to reliable cleaning, resulting in efficient plant operation
  • Reduced Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) and increased boiler efficiency through improved heat transfer
  • Prevents heavy slagging
  • Shorter boiler outage period
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Intelligent, flexible operation, in conjunction with SMART Furnace (optional)


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