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Wall Blower VS-H
Wall Blower (VS-H)

Operating Principle

  • The nozzle head with two opposite, high-performance nozzles is axially moved into the boiler
  • The blowing process begins as soon as the nozzle head has reached the blowing position
  • During this process the tube wall is cleaned in circular form
  • A cam-controlled valve opening enables cleaning of specific segments
  • After performing the necessary number of rotations, the nozzle head returns to its rest position

Technical Summary

The VS-H wall blower is a sootblower suitable for cleaning of membrane wall heating surfaces in the furnace area with high flue-gas temperatures. The blower travels axially into the boiler after which the nozzle head begins rotating to the prescribed number of cycles, cleaning with steam or air as the blowing medium.

  • Cleaning Medium: Steam, Air
  • General Application Area: Furnace
  • Travel Range: 0.255 m
  • Cleaning Arc: 360 ° (typically with 3 cycles per day)
  • Key Industries: Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • Poppet valve with adjustable throttle disc for easy setting of the blowing pressure
  • High temperature-resistant nozzle head material and stainless-steel feed-tube material, polished for leak-free stuffing box connection with spindle assembly
  • High performance nozzles for maximum conversion of steam pressure to jet velocity for high cleaning efficiency
  • Sturdy tube spindle with cam-drive mechanism to enable prescribed number of rotations
  • Compact steel framework
  • Wall-box with sealing elements corresponding to boiler pressure mode
  • Sealing and scavenging air piping with dedicated fan (optional)
  • Add-ons: SMART Set for external adjustment of throttle disc

Product Benefits

  • Increased plant availability due to reliable cleaning, resulting in efficient plant operation
  • Reduced Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) and increased boiler efficiency through improved heat transfer
  • Reduced corrosion rate
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Intelligent, flexible operation, in conjunction with SMART Furnace (optional)


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