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SMART Shower Clean System – SCS
SMART Shower-Clean System (SCS)

Operating Principle

  • Water with a defined spectrum of water droplets leaves the nozzle head, mounted on a temperature and corrosion-resistant metal hose
  • The water penetrates into the pores, evaporates and causes an abrupt increase in the volume, resulting in deposit removal
  • After cleaning, the metal hose with the nozzle head is completely retracted out of the boiler

Technical Summary

The SMART SCS located on the boiler roof is suitable to clean the inner side of the boiler roof, the membrane walls and the platen heating surfaces of the furnace and open radiation passes at high flue-gas temperatures. It uses water as the cleaning medium. The SMART SCS is available in different versions for specific requirements with a hose travel range up to 30 m.

  • Cleaning Medium: Water
  • General Application Area: Furnace
  • Max Travel Depth: 30 m
  • Cleaning Arc: 360 °
  • Key Industries: Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • Innovative hose feeding mechanism combining advanced and rotating movement for best cleaning results
  • Dual-motor design (optional) enables nozzle head indexing, a unique feature for intensive cleaning
  • Compressed air curtain system integrated around the cleaning hose for gas-tight sealing as well as removal of residue from the hose
  • Stand-alone as well as multi-point entry solutions available
  • Frequency of cleaning, water impact, impinging pressure, flow rates and cleaning velocity specifically set to match the requirements of each individual plant
  • Sealing air system for boiler openings (optional)
  • Stand-alone System SMART SCS-SA: recommended for open passes with small, uniform cross section
  • Single-Row System SMART SCS-SR: recommended for boilers with rectangular cross-section – two or more flanges are arranged in a single row
  • Multiple-Row System SMART SCS-MR: The SMART SCS can be moved over the whole boiler roof by using a crane runway. Recommended for boilers with complex geometry and different cleaning zones
  • SMART SCS is equipped with umbrella nozzles for attaining an optimum cleaning performance. In case of heavy slagging and the necessity for intensive cleaning, multiple jet nozzles can be used.

Product Benefits

  • Increased plant availability due to reliable boiler cleaning, resulting in efficient plant operation
  • Reduced Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) and increased boiler efficiency through improved heat transfer
  • Prevents heavy slagging
  • Reduced corrosion rate
  • Shorter boiler outage period
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Intelligent, flexible operation, in conjunction with SMART Furnace (optional)
  • Tailored SMART SCS services including inspections (on demand or periodic), maintenance & outage support, troubleshooting (on-site and remote), and full maintenance contracts


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