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Advanced Boiler Cleaning Solution for First 1350 MW Unit at Pingshan Power Plant
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Shanghai Boiler Works and Clyde Bergemann have worked together for many years on a range of projects, enjoying a successful and cooperative relationship between customer and supplier.

In 2018, when Shanghai Boiler Works required a sootblower system for Phase II of their Anhui Huaibei Pingshan Power Plant, requiring the most advanced solution for on-load boiler cleaning, Clyde Bergemann was pleased to receive the order, and to work with our client again.

The plant operates a 1350 MW unit, which is the first of its kind in China. In January 2021, the unit successfully passed a 168-hour trial operation. With our expert, professional knowledge of boiler cleaning technology and control engineering, we aided Shanghai Boiler Works in its pursuit of a cleaner, greener operation.


Plant: Pingshan Power Plant Phase II
Customer: Shanghai Boiler Works  

Technical data

Fuel: Bituminous coal
Boiler Design: Tower boiler
Boiler Type: Ultra Supercritical (USC)
Output: 1 x 1350 MW

Scope of Supply

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