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Thermoprobe TS-O / TS-L
Thermoprobe TS-O / TS-L

Operating Principle

  • The probe tube with its thermocouple is driven into the flue gas pass to measure the flue gas temperature
  • Cooling medium is supplied for TS-L type to avoid overheating of the probe tube head
  • On reaching the front-side end position or the specified flue gas temperature, the direction of movement changes and the probe tube returns to its rest position

Technical Summary

The thermoprobe is a measurement device to monitor the flue gas temperature in the furnace exit area.

  • General Application Area: Furnace
  • Key Industry: Power Generation

Key Features

  • Measuring range of thermocouple: up to 1100 °C
  • Output signal: thermoelectric voltage [mV]
  • Temperature-resistant probe tube and probe head material
  • Heavy duty track beam to provide rigid support and house all components
  • High temperature resistant thermoelement enclosed throughout its length in stainless steel tubing
  • Position transmitter for accurate indication of probe head position which shows the distance of the thermocouple to the boiler wall
  • Wall box with sealing elements corresponding to boiler pressure mode
  • Sealing and scavenging air piping (optional)

Product Benefits

  • Measurement of temperature profile during boiler start
  • Monitoring of the flue gas temperature through simultaneous accurate positioning of the thermocouple


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