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Doosan: Extending Crucial Operating Time at Gangneung Anin Power Plant
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Based on a solid foundation of trust and more than 20 years of cooperation, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction chose Clyde Bergemann, in 2018, as its partner for the on-load boiler cleaning collaboration for its Gangneung Anin Power Plant located in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

The majority of power plants worldwide are equipped with Clyde Bergemann boiler cleaning equipment and it was apparent in scoping the project that this particular large-scale plant also required the best boiler cleaning solution. Our scope of supply was on-load boiler cleaning technology with controls engineering solutions.

We designed a package consisting of 316 sootblowers, 172 wall blowers, 136 long retractable sootblowers, four axial sootblowers and four axial multi-media sootblowers, all manufactured in the Wesel, Germany factory. Our sootblowers are extremely resilient in extreme conditions with a travel distance of over 15 metres in temperatures up to 1200°, as a result, they manage to achieve optimum cleaning results. The sootblowers, together with the Clyde Bergemann control system supplied ensures effective cleaning in the power plant, preventing unplanned downtime and considerably extending periods of effective operating time.

The Gangneung Anin Power Plant, when the project is successfully complete, will have a capacity of over 2,000 megawatts. Delivery is on track, with Unit 1 completion to be expected December 2021, and Unit 2 completion to be expected June 2022.


Plant: Gangneung Power Plant
Customer: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Technical data

Fuel: Hard coal
Boiler Design: Two-pass boiler
Boiler Type: Ultra Supercritical (USC)
Output: 2 x 1040 MW

Scope of Supply

  • 172 x VS-H Wall blowers, including wall sleeves
  • 136 x RXM-H blowers (latest model RXC-H)
  • 4 x PS-A (GAH), including wall sleeves
  • 4 x PS-A Multimedia (GAH), including wall sleeves
  • Power Distribution Panels
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