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SMART Convection Matrix Clean
SMART Convection Matrix Clean

Operating Principle

  • The division of the boiler into zones is an important basis for the extensive flexibility of SMART Convection Matrix Clean
  • Zone-based detection of the deposit status based on the intelligent combination of diagnostic information (SMART Gauge Sensor) and analytic data (TDM)
  • Determination of a selective cleaning strategy for the convection part
  • Selectable “closed loop” mode for assessing a conducted cleaning operation by evaluating direct sensor measurement values

Technical Summary

SMART Convection Matrix Clean is continuous monitoring and evaluation of the deposit situation in the convection part of a tower type steam generators and the determination of suitable and demand-oriented cleaning actions. The core tasks of SMART Convection Matrix Clean are:

  • Continuously monitoring the fouling situation in the convection part
  • Continuous validation of measurement data
  • Analysis of fouling status
  • Determination of a suitable and demand-oriented cleaning strategy
  • For the determination of the fouling situation, the following are available: SMART Gauge Sensor, TDM
  • General Application Area: Superheater, Reheater, Economiser
  • Key Industries: Power Generation, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • Identification of fouling hotspots in the convection part of the boiler and selective cleaning of those hotspots only
  • Fully automatic on-load control of the cleaning activities and thus ongoing automatic optimisation of the cleaning strategy
  • Adaption of cleaning intensity according to the current measured cleanliness situation, depending on the used cleaning equipment
  • Optimal usage of the cleaning media – cleaning activities will be reduced to the necessary amount by targeting cleaning

Product Benefits

  • Demand-oriented, selective and automatic on-load furnace cleaning in the convective part
  • Prevention of uncontrollable deposits
  • Improved heat absorption in the convective part
  • Reduced flue gas temperature after ECO
  • More flexibility in the use of different fuel qualities and compositions
  • Additional information on the steam generation process, e.g. flue gas temperature profile along the flue gas path
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning media
  • Lower influence on process due to targeted and reduced cleaning in the convective part
  • Structured and easy-to-follow visualisation of the steam generator


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