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SMART Gauge Sensor
SMART Gauge Sensor

Operating Principle

  • Installed on the hanging tubes outside the boiler and detect changes in weight of the ash deposits building up on the heat exchanger surfaces by means of strain gauges
  • Increasing deposits result in increase in weight
  • This localises areas of heavy deposits
  • The number and positioning of the sensors depends on the boiler geometry as well as the layout of the heating surfaces and the number and position of boiler-cleaning equipment

Technical Summary

The SMART Gauge Sensor is designed to directly measure the weight of ash deposits on heat exchanger bundles, based on strain gauge technology.

  • General Application Area: Superheater, Reheater, Economiser
  • Key Industries: Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Oil & Gas, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • For special applications and boiler design, high temperature sensors up to 600 °C are available
  • By using a certain amount of SMART Gauge Sensors, a measuring grid is created to cover the complete cross section of the boiler

Product Benefits

  • By detecting the fouling situation on the heat exchanger bundles, demand-oriented, selective and automatic on-load cleaning can be activated
  • Prevention of uncontrollable deposits
  • Improved heat absorption in the convective part
  • More flexibility in the use of different fuel qualities and compositions
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning media
  • Lower influence on process due to targeted and reduced convective part cleaning


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