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SMART Convection SHFM
SMART Convection SHFM

Operating Principle

  • The division of the boiler into zones is an important basis for the extensive flexibility of SMART Convection SHFM
  • Zone-based detection of the deposit status based on diagnostic information
  • Determination of a selective cleaning strategy for the superheater area
  • Selectable “closed loop” mode for assessing a conducted cleaning operation by evaluating direct sensor measurement values

Technical Summary

SMART Convection SHFM is continuous monitoring and evaluation of the deposit situation of platen superheater of steam generators and the determination of suitable and demand-oriented cleaning actions. The core tasks of SMART Convection SHFM are;

  • Continuously monitoring the fouling situation on platen superheater
  • Continuous validation of clinker growth
  • Analysis of fouling status
  • Determination of a suitable and demand-oriented cleaning strategy
  • For the determination of the slagging situation, SMART Gauge Sensors are available
  • General Application Area: Superheater
  • Key Industries: Power Generation, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • Identification of fouling hotspots in the convection part of the boiler and selective cleaning of those hotspots only
  • Fully automatic on-load control of the cleaning activities and thus ongoing automatic optimisation of the cleaning strategy
  • Adaption of cleaning intensity according to the current measured cleanliness situation depending on the used cleaning equipment
  • Optimal usage of the cleaning media – cleaning activities will be reduced to the necessary amount by targeting cleaning

Product Benefits

  • Demand-oriented, selective and automatic on-load furnace cleaning in the convective part
  • Prevention of uncontrollable deposits
  • Improved heat absorption in the convective part
  • Reduced flue gas temperature after ECO
  • More flexibility in the use of different fuel qualities and compositions
  • Additional information on the steam generation process, e.g. flue gas temperature profile along the flue gas path
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning media
  • Lower influence on the process due to targeted and reduced cleaning in the convective part


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