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Clyde Bergemann Supplies Cleaning Solution to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for Singapore’s Largest Waste-to-Energy Plant
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Singapore is a modern country with a growing population, striving to lead the way in the elimination of landfills and the development of waste-to-energy plants. Singapore has a high incineration capacity and is considered a pioneer in waste incineration globally. A growing population and booming economy have contributed to around a seven-fold increase in the amount of solid waste disposed of, from 1260 tonnes a day in 1970 to a peak of 8559 tonnes a day in 2016.

Due to rising demand, in September 2015, the construction of the latest, most energy-efficient and largest waste-to-energy plant was announced. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group (MHI), who have constructed three waste-to-energy facilities in Singapore previously and have an outstanding reputation throughout the region were chosen as the supplier for Singapore’s new Integrated Waste Management Facility.

MHI selected Clyde Bergemann for the supply of an on-load boiler cleaning system for the facility, comprising four boilers, all equipped with Clyde Bergemann’s products. Long retractable sootblowers feature in the superheater/ re-heater and rotating element sootblowers in the economiser to clean the heating areas.

Our contract with MHI also included commissioning, service and spare parts, effectively ensuring Clyde Bergemann provided an all-inclusive package. Clyde Bergemann, in 2021, were also requested to complete the hot commissioning due to the trust and positive collaboration gained in working together.


Plant: Singapore’s new Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF)
Customer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Technical data

Fuel: Waste
Boiler Design: Vertical Design
Boiler Type: Grate Combustion System
Output: 5800 t/d

Scope of Supply

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