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SMART Membrane Sensor
SMART Membrane Sensor

Operating Principle

  • Indirect heat flux density measurement on the furnace-back side
  • Temperatures on the membrane are measured by special thermocouples
  • The measured values are then used to calculate the heat flux density

Technical Summary

The SMART Membrane Sensor is designed to indirectly measure the heat flux on the furnace walls.

  • General Application Area: Furnace
  • Key Industry: Power Generation

Key Features

  • Configured, produced and calibrated for each installation individually
  • Delivered completely pre-assembled, with internal wiring ready to install

Product Benefits

  • Detects the slagging in the furnace and initiates the right cleaning device
  • Mitigates uncontrollable deposit formation and reduces shutdowns and damage
  • Improved heat transfer and process efficiency
  • Less erosion on the heating surfaces

Spare parts & service

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