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SMART Flux Sensor
SMART Flux Sensor

Operating Principle

  • Direct heat flux density measurement on the furnace-facing side
  • Temperatures in the tube wall are measured by imbedded thermocouples
  • The measured values are then used to calculate the heat flux density corresponding to individual material constants and calibration data
  • Determination of tube surface temperature results in an assessment of the thermal strain on the tubes and thus an estimation of their service life

Technical Summary

The SMART Flux Sensor is designed to directly measure the heat flux on the furnace walls.

  • General Application Area: Furnace
  • Key Industry: Power Generation

Key Features

  • Configured, produced and calibrated for each installation individually
  • Delivered completely pre-assembled, with internal wiring and ready to install
  • A redundant measuring section is integrated in the sensor

Product Benefits

  • Detects the slagging in the furnace and initiates the right cleaning device
  • Mitigates uncontrollable deposit formation and reduces shutdowns and damage
  • Improved heat transfer and process efficiency
  • Less erosion on the heating surfaces

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