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DRYCON™ Bottom Ash Handling – Planning to Construction in Record Time
DRYCON Project Success

Clyde Bergemann received a substantial order from a valued OEM customer from Japan for a Bottom Ash Handling and Pyrite Handling System for a 100 MW Power Plant in the South Sulawesi Region of Indonesia. Receiving this order just before the world went into lockdown created new barriers for the team that they embraced and overcame remarkably.

In fact, the challenges of the pandemic resulted in internal digital operations and processes progressing at an extraordinary rate. Clyde Bergemann embraced, and utilised advanced digital software, remote monitoring high-definition cameras, combined with the latest communications technology to deliver this project in record time.

As with every Bottom Ash Handling project, the core focus was on the design and dimensioning of the DRYCON™. The main challenge of this project was to plan, deliver and install a powerful overall system in the smallest possible space to enable the customer to convey and temporarily store both the bottom ash material from the boiler area and the pyrites material from the mill area. Due to the limited space available, the neat yet powerful Clyde Bergemann DRYCON™ Compact system was selected. The reduced height of the DRYCON™ Compact means it is the perfect solution for plants with space limitations as it can be retrofitted with ease.

Clyde Bergemann DRYCON™ Compact is used to convey and cool bottom ash by means of ambient air. The pan belt conveyor is designed for operation under difficult conditions, like extreme temperatures and strongly fluctuating quantities of bottom ash, with impact beams below the pan belt elements and special damping mechanisms. The modular construction principle allows flexible adaption of length-width ratio, guaranteeing efficient material cooling at a maximum extraction rate and it was the ideal solution for this project.

With the use of 3D planning software, Clyde Bergemann succeeded in precisely coordinating and procuring all components and interfaces so that the installation team on site was able to install all components in the shortest possible time. The system tailored to the customer’s needs is capable of handling up to 4t/h of material and cooling it from over 1100 °C to below 100 °C at the outlet over a distance of approximately 36 metres.

The first components were installed on the construction site in 2020, despite the pandemic related site shutdown phase of almost 18 months, and the assembly work was successfully completed in 2021. The first test firings of the boiler have already been successfully carried out and the customer plans the full commissioning of the power plant by mid-2022.

Clyde Bergemann is proud to have made a significant contribution to the implementation of this project for our customer and looks back on a very challenging but successful process. The lessons learnt in delivering high quality, complex solutions to a global marketplace, demonstrate Clyde Bergemann is stronger on the other side of the pandemic, with a focus on continuing to digitally transform operations and exceed customer expectations by delivering high-quality efficient projects in record time.

Clyde Bergemann’s reputation globally and reliable technology, with the ability to fulfil the increasing demand for tailor-made and customised products and services, are testament to why we were selected. Clyde Bergemann’s unique and proven solutions, also pave the way towards a more sustainable future. DRYCON™ technology can save the equivalent of more than 170,000,000 litres of water per plant each year, compared to a wet system – a remarkable saving that helps plants actively support the UN’s “Water Action Decade” targets.

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