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DRYCON™ Compact
DRYCON Compact

Operating Principle

  • DRY Material Extraction, CONveying and cooling in one stage
  • Continuous Extraction
  • Conveying rate: varies per size
  • Length: As per ambient plant conditions
  • Range of width: < 1.4 m
  • Utilises ambient air as the cooling medium, typically 1% of the total air needed for the combustion process
  • Inclination angle up to 45 °

Technical Summary

DRYCON™ Compact is based on the proven DRYCON technology, but – with regards to the requirements of the stated industries – with a more concise design, thus a lower investment. DRYCON™  – a pan belt conveyor – is used to convey and cool the bottom ash by means of ambient air. The pan belt conveyor is designed for operation under difficult conditions, like extreme temperatures and strongly fluctuating quantities of bottom ash, due to impact beams below the pan belt elements and special damping mechanisms. 

  • Key Industries: Biomass, Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • High conveying capacity
  • The modular construction principle allows flexible adaption of length-width ratio guaranteeing efficient material cooling at a maximum extraction rate
  • Impacts of large ash lumps are directed onto impact beams – no stress to any important moving parts
  • Less wear due to no friction moving parts
  • High inclination possible resulting in the use of only one conveyor conveying directly to the silo
  • Optimised solution to replace existing wet systems
  • Major parts in a compact design
  • Low installation height

Product Benefits

  • No water required: protects the environment and avoids effluent treatment costs
  • Heat input from reburning of ash increases boiler efficiency reduces coal usage and CO emissions 
  • Sellable by-product: Lower carbon in the ash increases ash quality & value
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Ability to maintain on-load resulting in increased boiler availability


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