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SMART SCS Installation Delivers Significant Improvements to Boiler Operation at Waste-to-Energy Plant in Northern Poland
Clyde Bergemann SMART SCS Installation, Waste-to-Energy Plant

Clyde Bergemann recently completed the execution of an order for a SMART SCS system at a Waste-to-Energy Plant in Northern Poland. As a result of well-coordinated working processes and committed teamwork, the project was recently finished successfully, within the planned timeframe.

The type of waste incinerated and the related operating conditions in a plant may cause ash build up, with varying consequences. Noticeable results of this are increased deposit formations in the open passes and accelerated corrosion processes, which may subsequently lead to unplanned boiler shutdowns. Deposits in the open passes of incinerators could lead to boiler unavailability. To address this issue and to increase boiler efficiency, the operator assigned Clyde Bergemann to provide a cleaning system with its state-of-the-art SMART SCS for Line 2 of the plant.

 Clyde Bergemann built trust with the site and operator over several years. After 2018, when Clyde Bergemann secured a regular maintenance contract to service boiler cleaning equipment, some successful modifications were carried out by Clyde Bergemann engineers on incorrectly designed steam sootblowers installed by another manufacturer at the site – the relationship with the operator was strengthened following this effective improvement. Continuing from this positive upgrade, as a result of a series of site visits, Clyde Bergemann prepared and submitted a comprehensive turnkey quote for a complete SMART SCS system, based on the recommendations of the Clyde Bergemann engineers at site.

The SMART SCS recommended, uses water as the cleaning medium. Located on the boiler roof, it removes deposits from the membrane walls in the boilers 2nd pass. The cleaning nozzle is mounted on a flexible, temperature-resistant metal hose that enters from the apertures at the boiler roof. The nozzle enters the boiler through a flange, which is opened and shut through an electropneumatic gate valve. After cleaning, the metal hose is completely retracted and rolled up by the horizontal hose reel.

After commissioning and optimisation of the SMART SCS installation on Line 2, the customer stated that the temperature distribution inside the boiler improved dramatically, and it is no longer necessary to put the boiler out of operation regularly, due to fouling in the 2nd pass. Achieved results have given Clyde Bergemann good references and a positive opportunity for further lines too.

Clyde Bergemann takes great pride in the products and solutions we offer, and we are available to support from the planning phase, to commissioning and throughout the entire lifespan of on-load boiler cleaning equipment.  Clyde Bergemann services, knowledge and experience can be utilised to provide optimal support, tailored specifically to individual customer requirements. From spare parts to surveys, maintenance and training – we cover customer’s needs with bespoke solutions.

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