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Breakthrough Use of Water Lance Blowers Reduces Temperature by up to 100 °C and Increases Efficiency
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The Jimah East Power Station, regarded as Malaysia’s most important power plant, with 2000 MW’s over two units, uses an IHI ultra-supercritical technology steam generator and Toshiba turbo generators. Due to the immense size of the boiler at this coal-fired power station, the 112 retractable sootblowers required had to have the capability to travel over 14 metres.

Solution design is critical for an on-load boiler cleaning solution and controls engineering for a project of this size. Along with the high number of sootblowers needed, eight SMART Cannons, including an intelligent control system were also ordered and installed to our expert design specification.

The project was a breakthrough in efficiency and cleaner operation at this sizeable plant and it achieved significant results. The gas temperature at the furnace outlet was reduced by up to 100 °C and an increase in steam generator efficiency was achieved, from 0.5% to 2%.


Plant: Jimah East Power Station
Customer: IHI Corporation

Technical data

Fuel: Hard coal
Boiler Design: Tower boiler
Boiler Type: Ultra Supercritical (USC)
Output: 2 x 1000 MW

Scope of Supply

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