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Clyde Bergemann Supports Taiwan Power Company with DRYCON, Dry Bottom Ash Handling
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In cooperation with ATE Energy, Clyde Bergemann supported the Taiwan Power Company in the implementation of environmentally friendly upgrades.

Clyde Bergemann successfully converted the ash removal from wet to dry on more than half the boilers at the plant, six so far – resulting in a sustainable environmentally friendly alternative for the essential ash removal.

Clyde Bergemann supplied the DRYCON, including isolating gates; fabric compensator; hydraulic unit; observation camera; diverter chutes with jaw crusher and infrared pyrometer.

DRYCON offers the following benefits:

• High conveying capacity

• The modular construction principle allows flexible adaption of length-width ratio guaranteeing efficient material cooling at maximum extraction rate

• Impacts of large ash lumps are directed onto impact beams – no stress to any important moving

• Less wear due to no friction moving parts

• High inclination possible resulting in the use of only one conveyor conveying directly to the silo

Part of the project was also the construction and design of the hopper. Due to the success of the project and collaboration, the customer plans to appoint Clyde Bergemann for future projects.


Plant: Taichung Thermal Power Plant
Customer: ATE Energy International

Technical data

Fuel: Hard coal
Boiler Design: Tower boiler
Boiler Type: Supercritical
Output: Total 5500 MW for six units

Scope of Supply

  • 1 x DRYCON Conveying System
  • 1 x Transition Hopper
  • 1 x Isolating Gates, incl. Hydraulic Unit & Jaw Crusher
  • 1 x Fabric Compensator
  • 1 x Observation Camera with Infrared Pyrometer
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