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Clyde Bergemann Supplies 68 Steel ‘H’ Primary Economiser Elements to Tarong Power Station in Record Time
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As a result of pre-engineering work and excellent planning, Clyde Bergemann Australia delivered 68 Steel ‘H’ Primary Economiser elements eight weeks early in 2020 despite the developing COVID-19 pandemic to Tarong Power Station in Queensland, Australia.

Stanwell Corporation described the investment of Clyde Bergemann’s equipment as “an important part in actively managing our assets and investing in our plant for the future. They will be replaced because the walls of the original economiser tubes are almost worn through due to erosion from fly ash.”

The Economiser was manufactured in Clyde Bergemann’s facility, Wetherill Park, NSW (Sydney) Australia. Tarong’s Mechanical Engineering Superintendent, said given the disruptions across the manufacturing industry caused by COVID-19, he was appreciative of the economisers’ early delivery which allowed certainty in planning during COVID-19.

The Economiser provided many benefits to the Power Station. Having erosion shields located in strategic areas will help to improve the life of the new Economiser by reducing wear. The flexibility in being able to rotate the Economiser with a practical design change was very well received.


Plant: Tarong North Power Station
Customer: Stanwell Corporation

Technical data

Fuel: Bituminous Coal
Boiler Design: Natural Circulation
Boiler Type: Supercritical
Output: 443 MW

Scope of Supply

68 x Steel ‘H’ Economisers, including Erosion Shields, technical advice and transport to the site

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