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Steel H ® / Double H ® Finned Surface Tubes
Steel H® / Double H® Finned Surface Tubes

Operating Principle

  • Temperature application up to: 600 °C
  • Production facilities enable tube length up to 20 m
  • In-line fin / in-line tube design allows superior cleaning by sootblowing
  • Resistance welded heat recovery surface
  • Robust in-line fin, in-line tube arrangement
  • More compact than plain tube economiser – 50% savings in space
  • Straight gas passes = lower pressure loss, reduced fouling and ID fan power savings

Technical Summary

Steel H® Economisers are used to preheat feedwater entering a boiler by maximising the energy recovery in the low grade heat within the boiler exhaust. Steel H® Economisers heat water efficiently in often harsh environments by utilising the additional Steel H® fin heating surface that is resistance welded onto a boiler tube.

  • Key Industries: Oil & Gas, Other Industrial Processes, Waste-to-Energy, Marine, Power Generation, Biomass

Key Features

  • Steel H® robust Economisers for coal fired power plant
  • Individual plate fins are induction welded on to single or double tube
  • Tube and fin sizes are optimised for individual thermal performance
  • Ideal for heavier dust loaded flue gases

Product Benefits

  • Immediate decarbonisation benefits realised
  • Potential to reduce Carbon Tax for end users
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces erosion particle impact angle
  • Optimises heat transfer performance
  • Designed to perform under erosive conditions
  • Lower installation costs, compared to plain tube economisers
  • In-line fin / in-line tube reduces pressure losses and saves ID fan power costs
  • Design flexibility to suit space available for heat recovery


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