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Operating Principle

  • Measurement system based on radiation pyrometer
  • Pyrometers detect the radioactive radiation of the furnace
  • The measured radiation will be transferred into temperature signals
  • Using at least five Pyrometers, the temperature profile of the complete furnace section will be generated
  • The visualisation is presented in a one or two dimensional image

Technical Summary

The SMART IsoTemp is an optical measurement device that measures the flame and flue gas temperature in the furnace in a continuous, nonintrusive way. It is available in one and two dimensional measurement methods.

The one dimensional measurement will produce a single average temperature measurement which is used to determine the Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT), for example.

The two dimensional version gives an isothermal temperature distribution over the boiler cross section.

  • General Application Area: Furnace, Superheater
  • Key Industries: Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • Contactless optical temperature measurement
  • Determination of local and instantaneous process parameters e.g. Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT)
  • Determination of heat imbalances in the measured cross section
  • Based on the measurement results, corrective actions in the firing operation can be carried out just in time to keep the temperature and the combustion in an optimised operation and to stabilise the operation performance

Product Benefits

  • Continuous diagnostic of the process parameter flame or flue gas temperature – identification of fluctuations over time
  • Instant correction for the optimisation of the combustion process , e.g. control of the air supply or mass flow of the fuel
  • Reliable basic data for the SNCR-control and for the regulation of the fire power
  • Thermal diagnostics for the control of the boiler process and verification of the results after boiler cleaning – an important basis for the reduction of emission, corrosion and deposit control
  • Requires minimal space and has no flexible mechanical parts
  • Only a small opening in the membrane wall is necessary
  • Low air consumption for sealing air


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