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SMART InfraScan
SMART Infrascan

Operating Principle

  • The infrared sensor is part of the equipment which has an air and water cooled probe mounted on the boiler wall in the boiler house
  • At the beginning of the measurement process, the infrared sensor moves into the boiler by a linear travel device
  • The infrared sensor scans the furnace wall and measures the surface temperature
  • At the end of the measurement process, the infrared sensor will be retracted to its rest position

Technical Summary

SMART InfraScan is a contactless surface temperature measuring and analysing unit for evaporator walls.

  • General Application Area: Furnace
  • Key Industry: Power Generation

Key Features

  • The number of infrared sensors which are required, varies depending on the furnace design and the visibility conditions through the flue gas
  • The wavelength of the infrared sensor is selected to suit the existing furnace atmosphere

Product Benefits

  • Detection of the slagging hotspots in the furnace and therefore demand-driven on-load furnace cleaning
  • Targeted cleaning and adjustment to the current slagging level avoids thermal overload to the membrane walls
  • Less process impact due to optimised cleaning sequences
  • Automatic activation of the cleaning actions and therefore deposit removal in time
  • Optimum cleaning results


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