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Air Preheater
Air Preheater

Operating Principle

  • Basic design feature spiral finned tube type I-Fin
  • For example:
    Length: 10,750 mm
    Width: 2,160 mm
    Height: 1,000 mm
    Weight: 70 tons
    Power: 15-35 MW
  • Design operating temperatures above 150 °C
  • Air volume and temperature control

Technical Summary

Air Preheaters are used to enhance the efficiency of a boiler operation by preheating the inlet air used in the combustion process by utlising the exhaust gases exiting a boiler.

  • Key Industries: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy

Key Features

  • Air Preheaters preheat the air for the fire box
  • Design for operating temperatures above 150 °C
  • Integral bypass design featuring proven Louvre damper design
  • Differential expansion catered for in the design
  • Vertical or horizontal tuned flame for effective heat transfer
  • Proven Inka style tube cage

Product Benefits

  • Immediate decarbonisation benefits realised
  • Potential to reduce Carbon Tax for end users
  • Simple, robust, long life span
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Modular construction easily transportable & simple to install
  • Low maintenance costs over the lifetime of the plant
  • Proven Louvre Damper design in-house reduces complicated interfaces
  • Simple design caters for fast start-ups


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