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Clyde Bergemann Continuing Success of Steel ‘H’ Economisers in Japan

“Japanese Boiler Company, IHI Corporation, in collaboration with their Australian entity IEA, have placed two large contracts for the supply of Economiser elements with Clyde Bergemann Australia (CBA). The contracts are for the design and supply of Steel ‘H’® finned tube Economisers.

Both Economisers will be manufactured in Australia and delivered to Japan where they are installed in Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Ltd’s Tomato-Atsuma Thermal Power Station and in Tomakomai-mill’s Power Station of Oji Paper Co., Ltd.

The specifications are for different applications, Utility and Industrial Boilers, and due to CBA’s extensive experience in designing and supplying Economisers in many applications made for a compelling reason to select this technical solution over other alternatives.

The Steel ‘H’® and Double ‘H’® fins are resistance welded with precise indexing over the entire length of the tube surface to ensure reliable heat transfer. The advantage of Steel ‘H’® is that the fins and tubes are in-line and as such will provide direct passage of gas through the bundles and by shielding the tubes in specific areas extend the life of the Economiser. Steel ‘H’® Economisers comprise one steel fin welded to a single tube.

A Double ‘H’® Economiser comprises one steel fin welded to two tubes. The final solution involving combinations of Steel ‘H’® and Double ‘H’® Economiser has a unique combination of features providing a compact, low cost design with erosion protection capable of being fitted in the shop, which additionally proved a more cost effective alternative than installing in the field.

Erosion protection in the new Economisers along with maintaining the Thermal Duty have proven key factors in being selected as the supplier.

CBA will take full responsibility including design and manufacture of the Economisers. The manufacture has been started in October 2018 and will be completed in April 2019.”

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