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Achieving Optimal Efficiency Worldwide: Clyde Bergemann Empowers Partners to Deliver Outstanding Solutions
Clyde Bergemann partners, training for service and spare parts worldwide

In the ongoing pursuit of process efficiency worldwide, Clyde Bergemann, a renowned provider of innovative boiler efficiency and dry bottom ash solutions, has been making significant strides in strengthening its global network, through agent training visits and comprehensive support trips. The company is committed to delivering exceptional solutions that reduce emissions and significantly increase boiler efficiency, while providing unparalleled service and spare parts support worldwide. Clyde Bergemann welcomed Uni-World Engineering, a valued agent from Taiwan, and HIJ Corporation, another valued agent from Japan to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany. Additionally, the company’s team of experts plans to reinforce the training by embarking on trips to Eastern Asia later in the year.

During Uni-World Engineering’s immersive visit to Clyde Bergemann’s German facility, an extensive five-day training programme was provided. This comprehensive schedule encompassed intensive product training sessions and local site visits, providing Uni-World Engineering with the latest in-depth knowledge and expertise on Clyde Bergemann’s boiler efficiency solutions, including sootblowers, SMART Cannons, SMART SCS, and more. This visit not only equipped Uni-World Engineering with the necessary tools to effectively highlight the benefits of Clyde Bergemann’s solutions to its customers in Taiwan, but it also served as a platform for an exchange of insights and best practices, further strengthening the valued partnership between Clyde Bergemann and Uni-World Engineering.

A participant of the training from Uni-World Engineering emphasised that, “The training provided by Clyde Bergemann has been invaluable for our team and we now have an even deeper understanding of the products and solutions. The knowledge transfer and mutual appreciation are the key to better serve our customers and provide them with sustainable solutions from Clyde Bergemann.”

In addition, Clyde Bergemann’s team of service experts welcomed HIJ Corporation from Japan with a similar training schedule, customised to the equipment most commonly installed in Japan. Clyde Bergemann is also planning support trips to Japan to provide practical in-depth training sessions and valuable support for service and maintenance, ensuring that HIJ Corporation gain an even deeper understanding of Clyde Bergemann’s products and solutions. The visit is scheduled to foster valuable discussions centred around the Japanese market, solidifying the partnership between Clyde Bergemann and HIJ Corporation.

These agent training visits exemplify Clyde Bergemann’s dedication to global collaboration and teamwork. By equipping agents with in-depth knowledge and expertise, Clyde Bergemann ensures that customers around the world receive outstanding service and spare parts support. The company extends sincere appreciation to the dedicated team members who played instrumental roles in the smooth execution of training sessions and support trips. Their unwavering efforts embody Clyde Bergemann’s culture of “We. Together.”, to provide exceptional service and support to customers worldwide.

As Clyde Bergemann continues to foster collaboration and empower its global partners, the company reaffirms its position as a leader in providing innovative boiler efficiency solutions, service, and spare parts support worldwide. The recent agent training visits and support trips to Germany and Asia demonstrate the company’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its global network, ensuring that customers receive the highest level of expertise and support throughout the world.

To learn more about Clyde Bergemann’s comprehensive service offerings and spare parts, please visit the Service and Parts section of the website or send an enquiry here.

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