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Part-Retractable Axial Sootblower (VX-AB)
Part-Retractable Axial Sootblower (VX-AB)

Operating Principle

  • The blowing tube is equipped with high-performance nozzles over the whole length and is supported in the flue-gas path
  • During the blowing process the blowing tube continues to move axially into the flue-gas path
  • On reaching the prescribed travel, the blowing tube returns to its rest position
  • The blowing tube remains partly in the flue-gas path

Technical Summary

Clyde Bergemann’s Part-Retractable Sootblowers are the solution for an efficient cleaning of heating surfaces in various applications, with heavy fouling and flue-gas temperatures < 800 °C (upper limit may vary based on type of application).

This type of sootblower is a cost-effective solution especially for medium sized boilers. This economic and easy to maintain sootblower is constructed for dependable operation, indoors and outdoors in all climates. It´s compact design is highly compatible with the space restrictions often found on fired heater installation. For this vast range of applications, Clyde Bergemann offers several part-retractable sootblower versions with different travel ranges to meet specific cleaning requirements. Also suited for hazardous area conditions.

  • Cleaning Medium: Steam, Air, Water
  • General Application Areas: Air Preheater, Gas-Gas Heater, Economiser, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Travel Range: up to 2.4 m
  • Key Industries: Oil & Gas, Other Industrial Processes

Key Features

  • Poppet valve with adjustable throttle disc for easy setting of the blowing pressure
  • Stainless-steel feed tube, polished to minimise leakage at stuffing box connection with lance tube assembly
  • Temperature and corrosion-resistant blowing tube with high performance nozzles
  • Cleaning with low or high pressure water (optional)
  • Compact track beam, constructed out of standard box sections
  • Standard gear motor with integral spindle and nut drive mechanism
  • Static electrical components with simplified field wiring
  • In-built air sealed wallbox with sealing elements corresponding to boiler pressure mode
  • Sealing and scavenging air piping with dedicated fan (optional)
  • Cantilever design up to 1.4 m travel
  • Add-ons: SMART Set for external adjustment of throttle disc

Product Benefits

  • Increased plant availability due to reliable boiler cleaning, resulting in efficient plant operation
  • Prevents fouling in convection areas of the boiler
  • Increased boiler efficiency through improved heat transfer
  • Compact design with minimal footprint to fit into available space
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Cost-effective design for medium sized boilers


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